Goes above and beyond the norm. In all my experiences I have never been as satisfied with an attorney as I am with Jennifer. She has proven to me many times the fight is never over and she has my best interest at heart. Even came to New York to solve a case for me. Highly recommended and appreciated. I am grateful to have her and her staff behind me. Not only have they proven that they will put their all into my case , they have paved the way and given me many reasons and opportunities to change my life for the better. Words alone cannot say how grateful I am and the impact they have on my life. Thanks to all of you at the firm, and a special thanks to Jennifer and Helena for all you've done I know I'm far from the easiest client to deal with. Just know you open my eyes and doors to a lot of things and gave me Hope and Faith that from this point on my life could be better. Thanks again!!!!!

Ronald R

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