Age 19 arrested, Age 20 facing 25+ years in prison. Age 29 number one in BMW in the state of Georgia. Although my life has taken dramatic changes Attorney Jennifer Decastro Tunnard has had my back and best interest every step of the way. From helping me receive the best sentence possible as a young adult to helping me get off probation early and work towards a record expungement as a business man. Jen has been there. Attorney Tunnard is the epitome of what are criminal justice system needs. Someone who believes in fighting for justice and not stopping until the right thing is done for her client. If I didn't hire Jen 10 years ago I wouldn't be in the position that I am in today. She over delivers on expectations and is empathetic for her clients throughout the whole process. Trust attorney Tunnard, when your life and freedom is on the line every minute counts. CALL JEN!

Damian Winters

I was born in 1989 at yale new haven hospital.you might not think so but New haven ct is a very hard place to grow up.despite being home to one of the best Ivy League colleges in the country (Yale)the inner city has been plagued with drug activity and violence for as long as I can remember.I've been in the system since I was 14 and at 16 (2006)I was sentenced to 7 years suspended after 3 1/2 years for possession of a weapon and a rather small amount of narcotics.in 2007 I graduated and received my GED While incarcerated.3 1/2 years later I was released from prison a young a adult after spending prime teenage years incarcerated.re-entry back to society was difficult to say the least with technical probation violations threatening to send me back and rolling over my years for motor vehicle infractions I didn't complete probation until I was 28 years old.in 2013 I was shot in my back at a basketball tournament and spent 4 days in a coma followed by weeks in the hospital for rehabilitation.When I was able to walk again I went to the new haven police station to get my belongings that I had when I was shot but instead I was arrested for a probation violation.later in 2014 I was sentenced to a year in prison due to a technical violation.My main support during that stint was my brother Larry Atkins my mothers first born son that was until one day in September of 2015 just months before I was scheduled to be released he was murdered in new haven ct.1 yr later in 2016 my brother tyree mcree was also murdered in the streets of new haven ct .In 2018 I was offered a record contract and I moved to South Carolina only for it to fall apart shortly afterwards forcing me to move back to Ct.Feelings of grief and depression led to substance abuse.That substance abuse led me to the Ethan Allen hotel being arrested and charged with a large amount of narcotics even though I had possessed no drugs. That year I met Attorney Jennifer Tunnard and we begin a 2 year journey to prove my innocence.In October of 2021 when I was acquitted of all charges after a trial . I was a free man for the first time since I was kid thanks to attorney Tunnard and her team I have a second chance at life that I will not take for granted or let go to waste.


Goes above and beyond the norm. In all my experiences I have never been as satisfied with an attorney as I am with Jennifer. She has proven to me many times the fight is never over and she has my best interest at heart. Even came to New York to solve a case for me. Highly recommended and appreciated. I am grateful to have her and her staff behind me. Not only have they proven that they will put their all into my case , they have paved the way and given me many reasons and opportunities to change my life for the better. Words alone cannot say how grateful I am and the impact they have on my life. Thanks to all of you at the firm, and a special thanks to Jennifer and Helena for all you've done I know I'm far from the easiest client to deal with. Just know you open my eyes and doors to a lot of things and gave me Hope and Faith that from this point on my life could be better. Thanks again!!!!!

Ronald R

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