Probate Law

Honor Your Loved One's Wishes

Honor Your Loved One's Wishes

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Losing a loved one is an emotional process. If you're responsible for managing your loved one's estate, you may have to deal with hiccups during probate. Instead of dealing with everything on your own, consult an experienced probate attorney in Danbury, CT. The Law Office of Jennifer DeCastro Tunnard is prepared to walk you through each step of this process and manage problems as they arise.

Working with a probate attorney is the best way to navigate the legal system. Make an appointment with Jennifer today by calling 203-798-7200.

What is probate for?

When someone passes away, whether they have a will or not, their estate will need to go through probate. Our law firm will help you work through the details.

Probate is designed to...

Determine whether a will is legitimate
Resolve disputes regarding someone's estate
Distributing assets from an estate without a will

Understanding probate law is much easier with a skilled lawyer by your side. Rely on Jennifer to guide you through this process.

What is involved in the estate administration process?

If you’ve been named the executor of a will, your probate attorney will help you handle every aspect of the process to ensure the details of the will are followed.

Your responsibilities may include:

Making an inventory of assets
Distributing remaining assets on behalf of the decedent
Mediating disputes over contested wills
Validating the will
Settling outstanding debts

If many cases, a probate attorney isn’t strictly needed to complete the probate law process. But after the death of a loved one, the last thing you should have to worry about is complicated legal terms and potential family disputes that may arise.
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